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Exotic Option Examples. Let’s say a one-month spread call option has a strike price of $3 and the price difference between stocks ABC and XYZ as the underlying. At expiry, if stocks ABC and XYZ are trading at $106 and $98, respectively, the option will pay $106 - $98 - $3 = $5.

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Plain vanilla is the opposite of an exotic instrument, which alters the components of a traditional financial instrument, resulting in a more complex security. BREAKING DOWN 'Plain Vanilla'. For example, a plain vanilla option is the standard type of option, one with a simple expiration date and strike price and no additional features.

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The essential difference between vanilla and exotic is similar to the difference between forward and futures: a vanilla derivative has standard terms which enables exchange trading; the exotic has non-standard terms which often requires OTC. As such, the primary (typical) trade-off is between.

Exotic Options: Barrier Options and Compound Options. Exotic Options Overview. Generally speaking, exotic options are simply more complicated and complex than vanilla options. While their uses and characteristics are more-or-less the same as most options, they also have secondary characteristics, such as callability and puttability,that can change their role in a derivatives portfolio.What are exotic derivatives? - Quora Aug 11, 2016 · Hence the exotic market has very low volume as compared to vanillas. Exotic traders have much more to worry about as compared to vanilla traders, who are mostly concerned with delta risk. In contrast, exotic traders are faced with all sorts of volatility, skew and higher order risks.Hedge effectiveness of vanilla options, TARF and. Jun 15, 2017 · 8 mins read. Vanilla options TARF and participating forwards. A case study. There are some common questions that repeatedly get posed in my treasury products class about the variations available within exotic derivative instruments.Exotic Swaps - Finpipe The Delayed Start Swap. Just as its name suggests, these exotic swaps are a regular plain vanilla swap exchanging cash flows in one index against cash flows in another index with the exception that the start date of the swap is not immediate.Comparison of Binary and Vanilla OptionsBinary Trading Whereas vanilla options may be too complicated for the novice trader, they provide a wide variety of option trading strategies by using market volatility and time decay. Differences Between Binary Options and Vanilla Options. Below is a summary that discusses the differences between binary and vanilla.

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